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The Ideal 8 Point Face Lift Treatment

The 8 point face lift is a non-surgical treatment which effects you cheek structure, providing volume and definition, tear through, which can make you look tired, mouth to nose contours, downward smile, loose jowls and lack of defintion in the jawline.

What are the 8 point in the non-surgical/facelift?

  • the cheekbone, or structure of the face to enhance cheekbones and lift the nasolabial folds

  • Under the eyes, to rejuvenate tired hallows

  • The nasolabial fold, to smooth lines appearing in the mouth and nose areas

  • The corners of the mouth, to lift the mouth and reducing the 'angry/sad look'.

  • The jowl area, to reduce or improve volume loss in the chin, cheek and jaw area

  • The jawline, to create a subtitle and more youthful V shape, instead of the U caused by ageing

  • The lower cheeks, which ageing may have caused to look gaunt, to create smoother cheeks to lift the whole face

The 8 Point Face Lift is a long lasting, subtle way to give a more natural youthful appearance to your facial features. The result of a single treatment can be seen instantly and can last for up to 18 months. The cost of this procedure depends on number of syringes used. To treat all original 8 points of the lift (or more than one area of the face) typically requires 2 different types of 1ml syringes and the price starts from £325. It is recommended to book in for a complimentary consultation before booking this appointment

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