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Vaginal Hifu

Vaginal Tightening at IBeautify is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment designed to restore and repair vaginal tissue.

Using the newest state of the art Hifu technology, this treatment can offer multiple solutions to unwanted symptoms.

*tightens vaginal muscle (post childbirth or due to menopause )

*helps those suffering stress incontinence ( loss of bladder control when you cough , sneeze , laugh, or exercise)

* increases sensation / improves sensitivity during sex

* helps eliminate vaginal bacterial infection like thrush

* improves Vaginal dryness.

*can help with prolapse .

HIFU stands for ‘High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

This treatment can target various depths of the body’s tissue for skin tightening, skin lifting and body contouring.

Entirely non-invasive, HIFU works by targeting deep layers in the skin – it boosts new collagen production and collagen regeneration right at the source.

At iBeautify we understand this may be a sensitive or uncomfortable subject to discuss openly. We want to reassure you that we welcome any enquiry

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