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iBeautify Clinic Tunbridge Wells




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At iBeautify, we run a professional clinic with a wide variety of treatments dedicating to enhancing a more beautiful you. Our specialist team works together to ensure all your needs are met at a calming environment. I am personally qualified in a number of areas including: 

-Beauty Therapy Treatments-Semi permanent make up on the eyebrows, eyeliner and lips-Advanced Dermal Fillers-Hair Extensions involving fusion bands and micro rings -Hair Placement with Nano-Hair extensions involving nano rings -Chemical Peels-Anatomy and Physiology-Botulinum A Toxin Injections- Meso +- Jalurpo- Hyduronidase- Sunekos-Massages

If you have another questions please contact me at one of the various social platforms, email or call me directly. 

Royal Tunbridge Wells
London Heathrow
No 1 Harley Street
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