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Interested in doing aesthetics but don't know where to start?

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

We have a few options for you!

Be fully qualified in botox, fillers, mesothersapy and microneedling in up to 7 days:

Fast track course -

Fast track into aesthetics is the perfect course for you to achieve your career goals of becoming an aesthetic practitioner - and fast! With the duration of this course being as short as one week, it is the perfect way to gain all knowledge needed in a short space of time. Although quick , the course doesn't cut corners. You'll receive all the training you would get if you booked the courses separately, including comprehensive online theory manuals. You'll also receive in depth practical sessions to teach you every aspect of every treatment, as well as concepts such as client consent , treatment record , health and safety and insurance.

This course includes:

- Level 4 anatomy and physiology

- Basic fillers

- Basic botox

- Chemical peels

- B12 injections

Access into aesthetic course -

This course is a little different, it includes:

- Level 4 anatomy and physiology

- Mesotherapy or microneedling

- Foundation botox

- Foundation fillers

You can complete the mesotheraoy or microneedling course after you have completed the level 4 anatomy and physiology , however after you have completed them , you will then have to wait 6 months before you can complete the botox and fillers. This is different to the fast track as you can complete them all in as little as 7 days !

Another option would be to buy all of the courses separately :)

We also have a few different ways of paying, which include:

- Payment plans that can be spread up to 12 months

- Pay all upfront

- Pay 20% deposit and pay the remaining balance 48 hours before the training course

Get in touch for more information or click here to fill in our form.

Qualified Beauty Therapists Tunbridge Wells

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