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iBeautify Hair Restoration

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive affordable technique, carried out by an aesthetic practitioner, during which superficial micro-injections deliver a tailored cocktail of naturally occurring nourishing substances into the middle layer of skin (mesoderm).


Mesotherapy targets the area around the hair follicle and works in two ways; it prevents hair loss and also stimulates new hair growth.


We use a specially developed 7-peptide cosmeceutical hair growth injection (Meso line) that stimulates blood flow to the scalp encouraging new hair growth. Some recipients even attest to having fuller and thicker hair than ever before.


Mesotherapy has been shown to be more effective than oral tablets for promoting hair growth, likely due to its localised delivery. Treatment may be slightly uncomfortable; however, treatment is not painful and you should be able to return to your daily activities immediately after a session.


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Meso Hair loss 2 decWhatsApp Image 2019-
Meso Hair loss 2 decWhatsApp Image 2019-
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