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inal Tightening

This treatment will be Proceeded with Emma Hawkes.

She is a level 4 HIFU specialist and has 10 years of experience. She has done this treatment before so is experienced and trustworthy.


HIFU VAGINAL TIGHTENING /female intimate rejuvenation

1hr 30 mins treatment 

Outcome from this treatment

- This treatment tightens vaginal muscle (post childbirth or due to menopause )

- Amazing for stress incontinence if you wee when you cough , sneeze , laugh, go to the gym 

- Increases sensation during sex /improves sensitivity 

- Helps eliminate vaginal bacterial infection like thrush 

- Improves dryness in the vagina and increases moisture 

- Can help with prolapse. I have personal client successes with this myself

Just 1 treatment required 

Permanent results and in severe circumstances a course of 3 may be best for best result.


It’s been 5 days since my treatment for HIFU Vaginal Rejuvenation - and I’m already feeling entirely different down below. I suffered a double prolapse following the birth of my second child in 2019 and have struggled with awful side effects effecting daily life following this. Not necessarily urinary incontinence - but the constant feeling of everything being so “open”. I’ve consistently experienced infections and discomfort (even with walking and sitting down) as a result. I have been reluctant to persist with relationships due to feeling I couldn’t be intimate with another person. Reluctant to swim or bathe due to the water flow… and I’m certain there are women out there who can relate. This treatment has been life changing for me… and I am saying that after day 5 following the treatment; I’m so optimistic regarding the ongoing improvement over the next few months. This could potentially allow me to put off surgery for a few years!! I am already planning to have a second session of the treatment to maximise and prolong the long term result. The treatment process itself was carried out in such a professional manner, yet with such care and attention to my personal needs that it made it almost… easy?! I’d recommend this to anyone who has had been through a natural birth/experienced prolapse themselves… please do not underestimate the results of this treatment. It’s a genuine alternative to surgery, for me personally it is a way of putting off surgery until it’s considered an absolute last resort. I was sceptical… and I shouldn’t of been. Thank you so much Emma 


£495 per treatment

A course of 3 treatments spaced 6 weeks apart for £1400

First 20 ladies to book can have intro offer as it’s a new treatment for the clinic - just £395 per treatment or course of 3 spaced 6 weeks apart for £995

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Or call 01892 251451 for an initial telephone consultation

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