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iBeautify Semi-Permanent Brows

Making small changes to your eyebrows can make a big difference to how you look and feel. Beautifully shaped eyebrows not only accentuate your eyes, they can add a lift to your entire face, making you look fresh and youthful.


Regardless of the natural growth of your brow hair, or your current brow shape, semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing can provide you with the perfect look that you’ve always wanted.

  • Add beautiful shape and lift to your brows

  • Define sparse or over-plucked brows – no more brow pencil

  • Create a natural look which frames the face and adds a youthful look

  • Restore the appearance of realistic looking brows with the popular hair-stroke brow treatment. 


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Or call 01892 251451 for an initial telephone consultation

All treatments take into account the shape of your face. All eyebrow treatments include a full consultation, a treatment plan, a medical history consultation,  and the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail. You will feel comfortable and confident with all aspects of your treatment before we begin. 

iBeautify Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Semi-permanent Eyeliner is the perfect solution for those who wish to wake up and go. 


Eyeliner can be tricky to apply. For a simple long lasting solution, semi-permanent eyeliner can help.

This treatment involves adding a fine line to your top or bottom lashes, using a pigment colour of your choice.

In under 1 hour, this treatment can enhance your eyes subtlety or dramatically. 

And unlike using a pencil or liquid liner, the effect lasts for up to 18 months, and indefinitely with an annual top up.


What are the advantages of semi-permanent eyeliner treatments?


  • Semi-permanent eyeliner is available in many pigments that can be blended to enhance your natural eye colour.


  • You can benefit from a natural enhancement through to a stronger look. This can be achieved by attending 3-4 treatments. As a result, your eyes can look enhanced and defined. Best of all, your makeup will not smudge or wash away.


  • The line applied to the top or bottom ( or both ) is precise. The effect is subtle yet defined. This treatment is the ultimate solution if you find the application of eyeliner both time-consuming or tricky.


Who can benefit from semi-permanent eyeliner
  • If you have unsteady hands and find make up difficult to apply.


  • If you lack the time to apply eyeliner, but at the same time need the confidence that makeup gives them.


  • If you are sensitive to conventional makeup.


  • Contact lens wearers.


  • Hay-fever/pollen sufferers


  • Even men seeking subtle grooming can benefit from this treatment.



Or call 01892 251451 for an initial telephone consultation




iBeautify Semi-Permanent Lips

What are the advantages of semi-permanent lip liner and lip blend treatments?


  • Semi-permanent lip liner is available in a choice of colours and shades that complement your skin type. Your lips will look enhanced and defined with or without makeup.

  • Not only does the treatment enhance the shape of your lips, it is also smudge proof. Ultimately saving time spent applying lip colour.

  • The older you get the less defined your lips become.


Our natural lip colour lightens with age. Semi-permanent lip liner is blended for a subtle yet defined effect to help you retain your youthful lip line. 



Or call 01892 251451 for an initial telephone consultation

I provide a full consultation so that we can discuss in detail your treatment. You will feel confident and comfortable before the actual treatment begins with any semi-permanent ink placement. 

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