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Sanomentology Courses – PTSD, TRAUMA, PHOBIAS etc POA


Sanomentology is one of the most powerful and versatile ‘non content’ therapeutic coaching programmes in the World. Its success lies in the Power of Dreaming. Dreams are recognised as one of the most effective, healing processes we can experience. Using our unique Dream Architecture we can work without the interference from the limiting and critical conscious mind, allowing messages to be carried across every level of a persons being. Dreams are something evolution have developed to help Us, and other animals, to make sense and deal with the World around Us. The World is changing faster than evolution can keep up. We are in constant fight or flight, bombarded with social media, news and other platforms of how ‘busy’ the World is. Our senses are overloaded and in turn our Amygdala cannot cope causing stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia.....the list is endless.

Sanomentology is a non content based (no divulging private issues) guided dream, rather than letting the dream run randomly. Sanomentology carefully guides you, setting the scene, filtering out unnecessary elements to allow the dream to systematically and methodically resolve each issue as it needs. The client's dream is their own and runs in the best way to suit them safely, we remove the confusion and overload. With this process Sanomentology can guide you to heal, think, clearly, resolve problems (past and present) and build a future in a natural, fast, effective way. As this process happens the Amygdala clears and files unfinished business, allowing it to continue its job with clarity and purpose!

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Or call 01892 251451 for an initial telephone consultation

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